Matthew Sperry Tribute Concert

Excellent show! It opened up with Operasperry, a collection of musicians Matthew had worked with over the years. The music is a rather bizarre free form improvisation. It’s wild how alien the sounds can be made from conventional instruments. The best part was watching people’s faces who bought tickets to primarily see Tom Waits and didn’t realize what they were in for…

Second up was the Pauline Oliveros Quartet. Apparently Oliveros is well known for her advante-garde compositions, which the MC claimed that even Sonic Youth has recorded. They played a couple of nice arangements. Plus how often do you get to see someone playing a koto?

On third was the Red Hot Chachkas. Sperry had these guys play at his wedding, which at the time he was a member of. The first time I heard them play was at Matthew’s memorial service, it was nice to hear them in more upbeat setting.

Tom Waits came on solo around 10:30. He mixed up the set with new and old tunes, while moving between his using his acoustic and electric guitar and the upright piano. Once I heard Matthew was recording with Waits I was hoping that they would go on tour and He would be my ticket into the show. But, once the albums were released I found out that Waits doesn’t really go on tour anymore. So this show was truly a treat! Waits was a cool as I expected…

Last but not least was the Hedwig and the Angry Inch. They ran though a bunch of songs from the show and sounded wonderful. It was sort of strange seeing them out of costume.

It always amazed me how much depth Matthew had playing music. Tonight really brought that together and made very enjoyable show.


  1. You fucking suck. You saw tom waits? Was he on the bill? Man you suck. I’ve got to get out tahoe… Tom waits is the only person I’d give a kidney to see.