Great day for golf!

Too bad my game wasn’t there. The round was played at the Presideo Golf Course, which is conveniently located 5 or 6 blocks from my apartment.

Great course, just a little too hard for someone who’s only been out twice in the past 3 months. The best part for me was the golf carts, they are equipped with GPS systems! This takes away the guessing game of figuring out how far your lie is from the pin. And anyone who’s played a course which has haphazardly placed yardage markers, know how extremely frustrating this can be.

Anyway, if you have the cash to spare then I recommend playing a round. I’m sure after some more play I’ll be teeing up there again.


  1. So what did you shoot at this wonderful course?

  2. umm, well the score was a bit north of a century. not very good. btw, i have found a bunch of good courses so the next time you come out we won’t have to play that ridiculous one we played last time.