Turning 30…

After watching all of the pain Christopher has been going though since his 30th, I was sort of worried for my own health. But, I have to tell you I don’t feel much different that I did last year at this time. Well yes, if I didn’t have to go to work today then that would make it much better, but all in all it’s been okay…

I’m really looking forward to tonight. Nicole is taking me out to the Slanted Door for dinner. The both of us have been trying to find time and a good reason to hit this place; I guess turning 30 is as good as any… ;)


  1. So how was the restaurant? Did you do the prix fixe dinner?

  2. The food was excellent and our table had a really nice view of the Bay.

    I wasn’t actually aware of the prixe fixe option, but then I probably would vote against it since I tend to be selfish about sharing my food. :)

    If you go, I would suggest a different desert than the creme brule. It wasn’t bad, but Nicole’s chocolate mouse was much better!

    Maybe next time you and Christopher are in town we can make reservations.

  3. Sorry I missed your party man. You can blame it on Wells Fargo and their stupid deadlines.

    Now that your 30, I can tell you one thing.