Deceitful Surprise

Every year Nicole is asking me what I want to do for my birthday, the answer normally goes something like, “Ahh, I don’t care we can just go out for dinner or something…” This is exactly what we did on Tuesday. Which by the way was excellent! I highly recommend the Slanted Door.

Well, last night I was tricked into going to the Mission to meet up with our friend Tiffany for dinner and then down to the Phoenix for a drink. I was a little suspicious about the location, since it was 5 blocks away, but when Nicole decided to walk right past the bar toward the back of the restaurant I began to look around to noticed all my friends already hanging out back there.

I have to say I was pretty surprised that I knew nothing about this, and I’m not sure if I was really was suspicious on the way down there like I said earlier. What really threw me back was a minute or two after I started talking with everyone there I got a tap on my shoulder, when I turned around I found my brother and sister Mike and Keri standing there with big smiles on their faces! I’m not positive that it wasn’t the couple of drinks they had while waiting for us to show up, or if it was the pure look of surprise on my face. I’m guess a little of both. But this was very, very unexpected! Why you ask? Well they made a 3000 mile trip out here for this! Pretty cool…

Of course the night went on, a lot of alcohol was consumed. Enough in fact to get me up on stage at the Mint to belt out a rendition of The Joker, by Steve Miller. I must say as far as I can tell, I wasn’t too bad. :)

Well I have an open weekend, and first on the agenda is to get some breakfast and get something else in my belly other than last night drinks.

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