Laundry Day…

Don’t you always hate it when you get down to your last pair of drawers? Currently, I’m well beyond that point. So today is officially laundry day! I dread this day with a passion, first I have to pick up all my clothes off the floor, slam them into the laundry bags, drag them down a whole flight of stairs to my car, and drive them over to the Wash N’ Fold. Today, the best they can do is get my clothes cleaned, folded, and back to me by 5pm. And for what, $.69 per pound?! What a disgrace!

Yes, I no longer do my own laundry. Now this isn’t because I’m lazy, which of course I am, instead it’s much cheaper. The cost for one load of wash at the local laundromat is $1.75 and $.25 only gets you 6 minutes in the dryer. Thus, it turns out to be about $3 per load and you have a good chance your clothes will still be damp. Not to mention having to hang out there, killing time so no one steals your shit.

Now you may ask, “aren’t you worried they are going to do weird stuff with your underwear?” Hell for $.69 a pound and a 6 hour turn around, take a pair for yourself for all I care!

NOTE: If we could have a washer and dryer in our flat or garage, there would be no way I would pay for someone to do my laundry…


  1. actually, last time you were in austin, i did steal a pair of your underwear. i framed them and they now hang above my tv in my apartment.

  2. You guys are getting ripped off-I think the place down the street from me here on Geary only charges $.65 a lb.

    Do you have to provide your own laundry soap or do they provide that, too?

  3. Kathryn,

    Welcome to the hood! We need to get together sometime when you don’t have too much studing going on!

    We have opted to use their soap, but think you get a discount if you bring your own. I’m just too lazy to even do that these days. :)

  4. So that explains why Dutchies never had any laundromats, but plenty of full-service laundries. It makes sense now.