Horsetail Falls Hike

Christopher and I headed out this afternoon on a hike to work off our prior days gluttony. We headed over to Horsetail Falls, but didn’t actually make our way to the falls. Instead we made a detour to see if we could climb up to the summit of a steep cliff area.

Horsetail Falls Trail - Tahoe, CA.

Well we were not too far from the ridge before we thought it was probably best to turn back before one of us fell a few hundred feet to our death. (it got super steep rather fast toward the top)

Here’s a image of our elevation gain on the hike. And of course some stunning photos by yours truly…

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  1. Nice photos of your hike! Christopher likes to say “you can’t fall off a mountain,” but I think you can, and am glad you didn’t.

    Also, thanks for the compliment on my cake. Your pie was delish as well, and I’m happy we didn’t have to share much of it with Elaine and Virginia. From now on, I plan to declare all of your desserts burnt and not suitable for people (other than me) to eat.

  2. Chad,
    The pictures were beautiful, would love to see you in some of them. You guys are quite the hikers. Nothing seems to scare you….
    Happy to hear you had a yummie Thanksgiving, oh don’t feel bad about your pie, it sounds like everyone ejoyed it. You seem like one big happy family and that’s what Thanksgiving is all about…

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