Brussels, Belgium

The train ride from Brugge to Brussels was nice and quick, under an hour and only cost €12. Pretty darn good. My directions to the Hostel were not so good, I ended up wandering around for an hour in the rain trying to find the place, which was no more than 3 blocks from any point I was at one time. When I got in I was soaked and couldn’t check in for another 45 minutes. Not a good start. I decided after checking in a shower and a nap was a better idea than heading out into town. When I woke up I was ready for dinner, which as you can see with what I ordered I’m looking forward to Italy.

Atomium Brussels, Belgium

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First thing on my list the next day was to book my seats for my Amsterdam to Paris, and Pairs to Florance legs of the trip. The the train station is located right by Grand Place (Grote Markt), the town center, so that was easy enough to hit up to take more pictures of amazing Gothic buildings. Finding the popular bronze statue Manneken-Pis was not hard you just had to follow the crowd. As you can see it’s aptly named. Now why you would want to pose in front of this for a portrait as the kid is practically hitting you with his stream of water is beyond me. Hey, tourists can be funny that way…

St Michael Cathedral was pretty, but it felt a little too updated to me. Now they had a list of Royal weddings which had taken place here that date back to 1320. So it’s obviously been around for quite some time.

It didn’t take long for me to OD on Belgium architecture, so for fun I jumped on the subway and took it to Brauparck, the location of the 1958 World Expo and now a “funpark”. For the Expo they built a monument called Atomium, which has 9 spheres that represent the atoms of an iron molecule. I gladly paid the €9 to check it out and found it facinating. Each sphere had a seperate purpose, for example one was set up for children to come and stay here for weeks on end just so they could observe how they react in a child community of their own. Rather clever and strikly odd at the same time.

Day 3 was spent on me. Woke up at 9AM, went down for breakfast, then headed out for a run. All this before I went out to do my laundry which is the first time since NYC. It’s funny trying to figure out which detergent to buy when it’s all in a different language. You just have to make an educated guess, I decided that the one which had wacky colors on the wrapper probably okay to wash your colors in, and it was. I finding that I have brought too many t-shirts, I end up running out of socks and underwear far before anything else, better to note next time.

I had a few hours to kill before dinner, so I headed over to the English Bookstore to see what they had in guides for Amsterdam and Pairs. Some how I ended up also getting roped into buying 3 other books, they had a 3 for 2 sale. And now I have to read, read, read… more about my reading in a later post…

Anyway, I was suppose to meet up with a new friend I meet in Brugge for dinner, but I screwed up the meeting place. I missed out on what sounded like a killer Ethiopian dinner. Not at all happy about that. I guess my salad was tasty…

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  1. Hi Chad!

    I’ve been checking in to see what you’re up to in Europe. I’ve never been there, so I’m traveling vicariously through you. It looks like you’re having a pretty good time sight-seeing, and from what I hear, slogging around lost in the rain is all part of the European Experience.

    Tonight, I put on my wool scarf in the wafting fog and waited for a MUNI bus for 20 minutes, so I could go home and eat a Pizza Olympiad from Trader Joe’s and watch a Netflick. The comforts of home!


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