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München – Oktoberfest

The train ride from Lake Como to Munich was pretty uneventful. Of course the Alps are amazing, but I would have rather been riding my bike though them than gazing at them through the train car windows. Suppose that’ll have to wait until the next trip.

We arrived in Munich around 11pm. The initial plan was to drop our bags off at Dave’s apartment and head out for our first Bavarian Beer. Instead Dave took us directly to the HofbrauHaus with our bags in tow. Cool mix it up a bit, right?!

Munich - Oktoberfest

Well the real reason was Dave had to break the news to us that his roommate wasn’t exactly comfortable with 4 guys crashing at their place. Especially considering we were in town for Oktoberfest. I can’t blame here, considering this is scene after a full day of drinking multiple liters of beer.

So finding a room on such short notice is hard enough, let alone in Munich on the opening week of Oktoberfest. So we opted throw all of our bags into Dave’s car and head to Austria. He has a room in a college dorm in the town where he works. The other roommate was out of town so we were able to crash in his room as well. Sweet!

The drive should only take about 45 minutes on the Autobahn, but when you get pulled over by the Polizei twice for sobriety tests it seems to double your drive time. Let alone wondering if we are all going to spend the night in a German jail. The first stop was pretty darn nerve racking, not knowing the laws and what is acceptable alcohol levels. I’m sure I would have been fine for the US, but who knows about Europe. Dave’s beer wasn’t enough to cause for concern, but not exactly what you want to deal with at 2 AM.

We ended up spending the next 2 days in Kufstein. The second night we had one of the best meals of the my trip. Dave said the restaurant was some how attached to the town castle. The meal was a series of classic Bavarian food served family style and then was followed by a huge skillet of some pancake desert deal. Super tasty especially when accompanied with a few steins of Dunkel. Needless to say I was ready for hibernation at the end…

Jeremy pulled though for us and booked a room at the Courtyard Marriott near the train station. This was perfect considering most of the bus lines started out down here. We spent the next day at Oktoberfest. I didn’t realize how big this fair is, the number of rides actually is more than what Seebreaze has up all year round and this is only for 2 weeks. The beer tents are exactly what I expected, tables crammed together so close it’s almost impossible to pass, endless supply of beer, and of course the ladies and their Dirndls. You have to give props to who ever came up with this dress design.

Unfortunately, spending 10 hours drinking beer can have adverse side effects. Other than being tired, I felt fine, but the rest of the crew not so much. Needless to say, the hotel room was occupied for most of the day and in retrospect it was good we weren’t staying with Dave and his roommate.

John, Jeremy and James headed back to London on Saturday. I decided to stick around for a couple more nights to see more of Munich. The sight seeing turned out to be very little and instead we ended up heading back to Oktoberfest to enjoy the festivities.

I have to say going to the festival is as much fun as you would expect. I don’t believe it’s the sort of thing I would make a special trip for, but if you are in the area when the festival is going on you owe it to yourself to at least head over to the fairgrounds to see it in person. It’s really not all about the beer…

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