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I can sew…

Yeah that’s right. I single handily fixed two of my shirts today. Which have been out of commission for a little over a month now…

Button Repair

Look at that craftsmanship! I don’t need no stinkin’ girl to sew on my buttons!

In other news: I’m heading back East for the next 5 days. 2 days in NYC to kick around a bit and meet up with Donna to hash out a few things. Then off to Rochester to play with my niece who’s already 2 months old. I can’t wait to see her!

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3+ weeks in Rochester…

Wow how time flies. 3 weeks ago today I was in panic mode scrambling to find homes for anything I owned that didn’t fit into my storage space. I was successful with a good portion of it, but in the end there was car load of crap which I ended up driving down to the dump in Hunters Point. Hey Sunset Scavengers, lovely location for the dump, sheesh…

At this point I became homeless in an effort to begin a 2 to 3 month European backpacking holiday. Yes I know, I’m about about 13 years too late. But I figure what are the chances I will be this free of responsibilities to warrant me to take a trip like this again? I know once I join… no scratch that, start my next startup I won’t have the time to take 3 hour bike rides, let alone have 3 months off. Thus now is the time.

West Family Sailing Outing

The first stop on the trip was Western NY. Yes, yes this is not Europe, but I am in fact staying in Greece! I have been keeping myself rather busy hanging with the family doing all sorts of activities such as, attending weddings, chilling in cafe’s, watching a ball game, sailing, bowling, golfing, seeing quality music, etc. All great fun and of course all accompanied by our loyal friend Genny.

This Saturday will be my last outing before I head out to NYC. I’ll be enjoying one of Rochester’s largest neighborhood festivals, Park Ave Festival. Which is a little nostalgic for me since Park Ave was my home for a good portion of time when I was attending university at RIT.

Anyway, I land in New York on Sunday morning. If you are going to be in the city for the next couple of weeks, it would be great to meet up. I plan to be doing a bit of the tourist thing, but I’m sure there will be plenty of geeking out in the cafes as well.

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This past weekend was spent enjoying the American sport of Football!

Friday night we hit up the Rush Henrietta High game at Fisher. Travis, one of many cousins, plays starting right guard on offense. Note: this is one of the positions I use to play for the Greece Arcadia Titans back in the day. Not much glory, but a key position for the running game. RH’s o-line had no problem producing holes you could drive a bus though, they just need to teach the halfback to keep two hands on the ball and wrap it up when getting tackled.

Saturday was the Ithaca – Brockport game. Joe Napoleone, another cousin, plays cornerback for the Bombers. This was my first chance to see him play and I have to say I was amazed at how good he is. Our family is fairly athletic, but Joe’s above and beyond most of us by far. He made some key plays on defense with an interception in the end zone to be one of the major highlights. Ithaca came into Brockports house on homecoming weekend and put on clinic. The Brockport stands were rather empty once the 4th quarter started. NICE!

Then of course Sunday was spent at Ralph Wilson Stadium to see the Bills win by the skin of their teeth over Minnesota. At halftime they inducted indited Andre Reed to the wall of fame, which had most of us pining over the good old days of the early 90′s Superbowl days…

Anyway, as I stated in my last post this is becoming a annual event for the West crew. It’s the 5th year they have done this and it was the first time I was in attendance. You can bet your ass I will be here again next year.

Update: My apologies. Andre Reed was inducted, OJ Simpson was the one who was indited…

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Rochester Visit

I’m back in Rochester, NY for an extended visit. Initially the plan was to come back for a 4 day weekend to attend, what is becoming an annual event, the West’s Buffalo Bills Game outing.

When I was booking the flight a few weeks back it dawned on me now that I’m an independent contractor I can pretty much take time off when I want to. So I decided to extend the stay for the whole week.

What I find strange is the lack of free wifi cafes in Rochester. With great schools like RIT1 and UofR you would think there would be a huge demand for coffee shops on every corner. I found one, the Spin Caffe, now it’s not nearly as nice as the Axis or Canvas Cafe in SF, but it has caffeinated drinks and outlets. So it works!

I’m planning on writing some reviews of a bunch of places on Yelp Yelp this week, for example Schaller’s Drive-in, Nick Tahoe’s, Chester Cab Pizza, etc. The info on Rochester is seriously lacking, and this place has a lot to offer.

1. Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is my alma mater

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