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Hero? Nahh…

I just got this message from John. It went out to a list of, ohh 70 people or so. Too funny!

Radiohead – My hero Chad West

Special People,

This past Sunday morning at 10:00am I was on my computer along with my roommates and other friends pressing refresh every 2 seconds on ticketmaster’s website, trying to get reserved seats for the radiohead concert in Sept.(at Shoreline, 1 mile from my house) that were just going on sale. I also was on the phone to Ticketmaster at the same time, even calling the VA number to ensure I could get through. Well….I got through and at 10:00am and 5 seconds all of the reserved seats were sold out. Needless to say I was pretty upset. I then went to try to get tickets at, radiohead’s fan club website which always gets a premium allotment of reserved seats for Radiohead’s fans which went on sale the next day. Pressing refresh every 5 seconds as soon as they went on sale and yes,…once again…sold out before I could get through.

Then, this morning at 6:30 am I get a call on my cell phone. At first I thought it was a telemarketer or someone on the east coast telling me either really bad or really good news. There on the other end was my good friend, Chad West, telling me that had just released another, non-announced allotment of radiohead reserved seats on their website (face value of course)! As it was so early, none of the west coast fans had heard the news so I woke up my roommates and by 6:45 we had snatched up 20 reserved seats for the show! (as you can only order 4 per person/per address, we had them sent to our work adressess and Joe Hilger bought some for me back east! (Thanks Joe!)

So in summary, the old saying “early to bed, early to rise” really paid off for my new hero, Chad West, and for that I owe him forever. For the rest of you non-motivated radiohead fans, we’ll have some extra tickets. BUT, you’ll have to convince me of your love for the band cause here is what the going rates are on the free market!

Radiohead Ticket Search


Lazy or Apathetic?

It’s bad either way you look at it!

Here are some questions I have been asking myself over and over again in the past couple of weeks:

  1. Why do so many engineers refuse to write up bug reports?
  2. How can an engineer develop software with out actually understanding the system?
  3. How can someone be okay with a failing system?

I promise to expand on this soon, but am in the midst of setting up my linux box.

Feeling worse…

I’m not sure what the deal is, but ever since I moved to San Francisco I’ve been prone to getting sick. This is already the second time this year. Nicole claims it’s because we’re from the east coast and our bodies are not use to the pollens out here, or something of that nature. Well my opinion is this darn city is just germ infested.

It started off with a little stuffiness last night. When I woke up this morning it was a full blown sinus headache. So I took a couple Dayquil to set me straight for the day, but by 2pm I began to fell achy all over. This isn’t good.

I claim this is the worst part of being sick. You can feel it coming on so you try everything to stop it. Maybe take extra vitamin C, drink an extra large glass of OJ, or maybe start sucking on echinacea lozenges. Well nothing you do can stop it, it’s already settled in. All you can do is let it run it’s course.

My answer is a glass or two of irish whisky. Of course it won’t help cure my cold, but at least I’ll be happier dealing with it.

Matthew Sperry

I’m finding it hard to accept the fact that my friend Matthew is gone. It truly makes me realize how precious my family, friends, and life are to me. After attending the beautiful service they had for Matthew today, I am really looking forward to the memorial concert.